Empowering Futures in Honor of Blake Bottarini

Join us in transforming the lives of students with learning differences.

Blake Bottarini in a tuxedo 
Blake Bottarini at school as a young boy


Founded in loving memory of Blake Bottarini, the Blake Memorial Foundation is dedicated to making a lasting impact in the lives of students with dyslexia and ADHD. Our mission is rooted in Blake’s own journey, striving to provide resources and support for those facing similar learning challenges. Through community education, teacher training, and scholarships, we're committed to empowering students to discover and nurture their unique strengths and abilities.

Discover the Core of Our Mission

At the Blake Memorial Foundation, we are dedicated to creating meaningful change through two key programs. Each initiative is designed to honor Blake's legacy and support students with learning differences.

Structured Literacy Training for Teachers

Empowering educators by providing them with the Wilson Reading System® to effectively support students with dyslexia and related learning differences, Our collaboration with Charles Armstrong School ensures impactful, research-based training.

Blake Scholars at Charles Armstrong School

Supporting passionate Armstrong students with a keen interest in art, design, or engineering, The Blake Scholars program offers scholarships to nurture the next generation of creative and innovative minds.

How You Can Help


Support Our Cause

Your generosity fuels our mission to empower students with learning differences. Every donation makes a tangible difference in providing educational resources and scholarships. Join us in creating a brighter future.


Join Our Events

Be a part of our journey by attending our events. Each gathering is an opportunity to connect, share, and strengthen our community's support for students. Stay updated with our upcoming events and how you can participate.

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A young Blake Bottarini at play
Blake Bottarini sitting on a boat with a fishing rod.
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Blake Bottarini as a child
Blake Bottarini sitting on a snowboard in the snow.
The Bottarini brothers